Recent Parking Manager Updates

We have made some recent updates to the Team tab and the Unit, Vehicle, Space, and Decal lookup fields in Parking Manager.

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More changes have been launched in Parking Manager! This includes the unit, decal, and space lookup as well as the Teams tab.

Unit, Vehicle, Space, and Decal Lookup Changes

When you search a unit, you will now be able to see a more detailed status and history. Please note that you can now scroll horizontally as well as vertically within the columns.

Column 1

Use this column to assign a special permit, smart decal, ban an apartment, move out an apartment, and reset a passcode. You can also see the unit’s passcode and unit status.

Column 2: Parking Activity

Use this column to see all active permits. This will include active smart decals, guest permits, and special permits. Beneath the active permits, you will be able to see all parking history for the last year.

When searching a vehicle, you will also be able to see how close they are to reaching the violation threshold.

TIP: Click the "Options" on the top right of the permit to see more options (i.e. notify, revoke, edit, or duplicate the permit).

Column 3: Discussion

This highlights the notes that have been added to the unit. Users can add a note from here as well.

Column 4: Enforcement

This shows all the checks (license plate/decal scans/searches) and violations that have been recorded and attached to this unit. The heat map will show you where they occurred (checks in blue, violations in green).

Column 5: Smart Gaurd

The Smart Gaurd column allows you to ban a unit from using the Parking Attendant (i.e. register for guest parking). You will also be able to see how much of the complimentary guest parking time they have used and any instances where they have been blocked from registering.

This unit view will be similar to the vehicle, decal, and space lookup views. If you have any questions, please let us know!

Team Tab Updates

Updates have also been made to the Team tab in Parking Manager!

Column 1: Activity Overview

The second column shows a list of all full access and enforcement users. It will show when they have logged on and/or used the account.

Column 2: Full Access

This column is a list of all the full access users on the account. New full access users can be granted access at the top of the column by adding their email.

Column 3: Enforcement Only

The last column is a list of all users with enforcement only access. New enforcement only users can be granted access at the top of the column by adding their email. They will only have access to the Field Agent.

It also shows the settings in place for Enforcement Only access. Changes can be made to these settings upon request.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule some time to review these changes, please let us know. We are happy to help!

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