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Smart Decals for Bicycles, Motorcycles, Boats, and RVs
Smart Decals for Bicycles, Motorcycles, Boats, and RVs

Can Smart Decals be used to identify other vehicles like a bicycle, motorcycle, boat, or RV?

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Smart Decal Options

Parking Boss Smart Decals come in interior or exterior stick, and in a wide range of colors. Since most Parking Boss plans come with unlimited Smart Decals you can mix interior and exterior options to ensure proper registration of all vehicles parked at the community. Some Parking Boss users assign a different color Smart Decal for bicycles, motorcycles, boats, and RVS.

Smart Decal Placement

Option 1 - Find a discrete spot to place it - if you would like some recommendations please reach out to us - [email protected].
Option 2 - Cut the Smart Decal number from the QR Code and place only the Smart Decal number on the vehicle.
Option 3 - Register the decal as normal and tell the owner they do not need to place it on their motorcycle. The record is still in Parking Boss and enforcement can always look up the motorcycle via license plate number.
Option 4 - Record the license plate information and other vehicle details as a Special Permit.

If none of these options work for the community, let us know so we can create a solution - [email protected] or (866) 387-7275.

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