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Parking Boss FAQs
FAQs about Parking Boss
FAQs about Parking Boss

How does Parking Boss work? Q&A about Parking Boss and how we can help provide parking solutions.

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What does Parking Boss do?

Parking Boss is an innovative software-based solution that makes parking fair and enforceable for the residents and guests parking in your lot. Parking Boss also provides integrated signage, decals, and warning stickers. Parking Boss is designed for Property Managers, apartment communities, condos & HOAs, and corporate campuses. 

Parking Boss solves parking problems by providing clear and seamless communication about parking policies from resident and guest to management and enforcement.

Where does Parking Boss provide service?

Parking Boss provides solutions to clients throughout the United States and Canada.

Does Parking Boss provide courtesy patrol or towing services?

No, Parking Boss does not provide patrol or tow services.  Parking Boss works with numerous enforcement partners for patrol, security, booting and towing. If you would like a reference for an enforcement partner in your area reach out to us: [email protected] or 866.387.PARK(7275).

The Parking Boss Total Enforcement Solution combines our Smart Audit feature with parking patrols - if you would like more information about Total Enforcement Solutions please reach out to us: [email protected] or 866.387.PARK(7275).

What is a QR Code?

QR Code is short for Quick Response Code. A QR Code is a 2 dimensional or matrix Barcode.  QR Codes consist of black squares arranged in unique patterns in a square grid on a white background which can be read by an imaging device such as a camera.

The latest iOS for iPhone has a built-in QR Code reader right within the camera app. Just open your camera on your iPhone and it’s ready to scan. Most cell phone cameras have QR Code readers built-in. If your phone does not have a camera that is a QR Code reader you will find several free options in the app store.

Can I use Parking Boss if I don’t have a smartphone?

Yes, you can use Parking Boss from any desktop, laptop, or tablet device with an Internet connection. Parking Boss works great in Chrome, Safari, and other web browsers.

Is there a Parking Boss App?

No, not at this time. However, Parking Boss can be accessed from any device connected to the Internet including a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or cellular phone. p.s. Creating an app is something we are working on.

What is a Smart Decal?

A Smart Decal is a Parking Boss window decal containing a QR Code and unique permit 7-digit number. Smart Decals are assigned to a specific vehicle. Residents should never transfer Smart Decals between cars. Parking Boss offers inside and outside window stick.

What is the Parking Attendant?

The Parking Attendant is the interface that allows guests to register their vehicle when parked in designated spaces in your lot. Guests can register for parking by accessing the unique registration URL or scanning the QR Code assigned to your guest parking signage. Residents can register their guests and lot attendants or office staff can also register guests.

Which Parking Boss plan should I choose?

Parking Boss offers 2 types of plans - PRO and PREMIUM plans. Reach out to us and we can help you understand more about which service plan will provide the best solutions.

How do I order more signs, Smart Decals, warning stickers or other supplies?

How long does it take to get started with Parking Boss?

It takes roughly two business weeks to order materials and customize a Parking Boss Account. We can also provide recommendations for roll out to residents, please contact us [email protected] for assistance.

What personal information is displayed when a Smart Decal QR code is scanned?

When a Smart Decal QR code is scanned by someone who does not have access to a Parking Boss account, the following information is visible–license plate #, permit #, and assigned space # (if applicable). Absolutely nothing private is shown to the public, not even the name of the community.

When a Smart Decal QR code is scanned by someone with Parking Boss admin access, the following information is visible:

How secure is our data?


1. We collect and store the minimum data necessary to perform the functionality we offer: this varies between guests and residents. For residents it includes PHI like license plate, email, phone number, name, and unit number. For guests, it is plate number and email and/or phone number. Almost all of this data except plate number is optional.

2. All data is stored in Microsoft Azure’s hosted SQL Server instance. Access to the database is protected by the Microsoft security team, by an aggressive firewall, and by long random passwords. It is not encrypted in the database.

3. Data in transit is encrypted with standard security measures when traveling over the wire on public networks. Internally, some of the data is sent unencrypted. That data is accessible only to the Parking Boss engineering team and the cloud providers we use (Amazon and Microsoft). If those links are compromised, however, then Parking Boss is one of the least interesting targets for snooping.

4. We’ve never had a third party security or penetration test on any part of our system, although we are constantly looking for potential vulnerabilities. If found, security vulnerabilities would be dealt with immediately. 

Click to view the Parking Boss Privacy Policy.

Paid Parking and Violation Fees

Parking Boss can facilitate paid parking features including charging for guest parking and assessing fines for parking violations. If you would like more information about paid parking solutions reach out to us: [email protected] or 866.387.PARK(7275).

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