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Using Amenity Boss After Setup
Using Amenity Boss After Setup

There are a few key functions to highlight for Amenity Boss usage after the initial setup.

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After your initial setup there are a few key functions that will help you maintain and keep your account up to date.

Key Terms:

Change passcode: Use this to autogenerate a new passcode for a current resident. It will keep all of their information saved. You can also enter your own numerical passcode (6-digit max).

Turn over apartment: Use this as a move-out function. It will autogenerate a new passcode for the new resident and archive the previous resident's information.

Transfer apartment: Use this to transfer a current resident to another unit. Be sure to choose the unit they are transferring to under 'Transfer to' and turn over that apartment beforehand.

Managing Passcodes

When your residents move-out or transfer apartments, you will need to make that change under Units.


First, go to Units.

Click the "Edit" button to the right of the unit you would like to change the passcode for.

Choose whether you would like to 'change passcode', 'turn over apartment', or 'transfer apartment'.

For all of these, you will need to put a note in the Notes section and click "SAVE" to make the change.

TIP: If you reach out to [email protected] you can request to have all apartments turned over at once, if necessary.

Notifying Residents

Notify can be used to send all residents their passcodes, or to send an individual resident their passcode as a reminder.


First, go to Notify.

If you want to send the notification to all of your residents, click the Select contact list to import box. Upload an Excel (.xls, .xlsx) or CSV (.csv) containing all of the residents' apartment numbers and contact information (i.e. emails and/or cell phone numbers).

Click "Send All" when it turns blue to notify all residents.

If you only want to send the notification to one resident, either as a reminder or for a new move-in, you can manually enter their email into the box located to the right of the apartment number and passcode.

After entering in their email, click outside of the box (i.e. on the apartment number or passcode) so that the system recognizes the input.

Click "Send All' when it turns blue to notify the resident.

TIP: If the resident has already previously been given a passcode, you can copy/paste their archived information, which should be greyed-out above the box, for ease of access.

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