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How to Block Units from Amenities
How to Block Units from Amenities

In Amenity Boss, managers can restrict units from using amenities.

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Community managers may need to block units from using all or certain amenities. Blocking units can be helpful if certain amenities are restricted to certain apartments (i.e. penthouses) or if penalties are needed for residents who aren't following the rules.

For example, if a resident continues to bring guests when it is not allowed, you can enforce a penalty, blocking them from the amenity for a period of time.


  • Go to Amenities, choose the amenity, and click "Edit."

  • Scroll right to Unit Access.

  • Under 'Allow' click the drop-down and choose "select units..."

  • Click on the unit to block it. You will be able to select more than one if necessary.

  • Blocked units will not have the checkmark to the left of the apartment number.

TIP: Residents will not be notified when they are blocked from amenities. We recommend sending them an email to let them know and potentially explain why.

NOTE: You will need to block an apartment from each amenity individually if you want them to be blocked from all amenities. If you have a lot of amenities, you could also go to the Apartments tab and change their passcode instead (be sure to select change passcode, NOT turn over apartment).

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