Why should a guest cancel their permit early?

When a guest cancels their permit early it saves time allocated to each household or vehicle so that it may be used for future guest parking needs. For example, if a guest registers to park for 24 hours but only uses parking for 12 hours, the guest can cancel the parking permit after 12 hours and save the household or vehicle 12 hours of guest parking for a future date.

NOTE: If you are attempting to cancel or revoke a SPECIAL PERMIT you must reach out to the Parking Boss team for assistance. Users with Manager or Field Agent access levels cannot cancel a SPECIAL PERMIT.

How do I cancel a guest parking permit early?

To cancel a guest parking permit early, the guest will need to access the parking registration confirmation email or text and choose the option that says "Cancel parking."

You MUST enter an email address to confirm the request to cancel guest parking early. The system will then send a confirmation message to the email address.

Many clients of Parking Boss choose to limit the amount of time a guest can register for guest parking and also track parking use by household or vehicle. Guest parking usage can be tracked in time increments ranging from one hour to 72 hours and these times are available within a certain number of days or months.  For example, guests of a household or vehicle may park for any 72 hours every 14 days - these settings are customizable based on your community's parking rules and regulations.

Please email or call (866.387.PARK  866.387.7275) Parking Boss if you need additional assistance.

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