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Help registering for guest parking or to stop receiving messages. I got the message, "vehicle has exceeded its allowed time for parking."

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Question: How do I register for Guest Parking?

There are 2 ways to register for Guest Parking - you can scan the QR Code on the Guest Parking sign to access vehicle registration OR you can open up the internet browser on your device and enter the Parking Attendant URL - for most communities it is - to access vehicle registration.

If you don't know your community's guest registration URL you can search for it here:

To register your vehicle you will need the following information:

  • Your license plate number - if your vehicle does not have a license plate number, enter VIN+last four digits of the vehicle VIN number in the license plate field

  • The number of the home you are visiting - eg Apt#101

  • Your email address and mobile phone number

Complete the fields with the appropriate information when prompted and choose Register Vehicle to complete the process.

You will receive a registration confirmation. You will receive another notification about 10 to 15 minutes before your registered parking time expires. 

Question: I received a message that says "Sorry, this vehicle has exceeded its allowed time for parking." What does this mean?

Each community allows visitors to park for a certain amount of time during a given day, week, month, or even year depending on the community's lease, policies, or HOA rules and regulations. 

If you are receiving the message "Sorry, this vehicle has exceeded its allowed time for parking" it means that you have exceeded the amount of time given for guests to park at the community you are visiting.  Parking Boss cannot extend your parking time.

Question: I registered for Guest Parking and received a text notification and I keep receiving text notifications - how do I make them stop?

Reply to Parking Boss text messages with "STOP", "CANCEL", "OPTOUT", or "UNSUBSCRIBE" and the system will stop sending guest parking information to that number. Here is a list of all of the words you can reply with to stop your number from receiving notifications:


  • END



  • QUIT


  • STOP

  • TD


  • ARRET (French)

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