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Help - How to issue Special Permits & Printed Passes - Update/Edit Special Permit

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What is a Special Permit?

A Special Permit works like a guest permit but is not subject to built-in community time limits. Special Permits should be issued on a case-by-case basis where a guest’s need for parking will exceed the guest threshold. For example, perhaps your community rules state that a guest may park for 72 hours in a 7-day period, but a resident has an out-of-town guest arriving for a week. A Special Permit allows the guest to safely park without the constraints of guest parking time limits.

How can I create a Special Permit?

  1. Log in to the Manager dashboard on your mobile device or desktop.

  2. From the Guest Parking tab, select the “New Special Permit” menu option.

  3. Fill out the form with the vehicle license plate number, permit start & stop dates and times, contact info and any other relevant notes.

  4. Select “Register Special Permit” and that’s it! The vehicle's license plate will now appear on the guest parking Safelist as a Special Permit. 

Who can assign a Special Permit?

Only a Manager-level admin can create a SpecialPermit. Field Agents don’t have access to this function.

Special Permit Registration - When should I Use a Special Permit?

Special Permits are digital guest permits, and are meant only for special guest parking situations.

Use Special Permits for:

  • Reasonable Accommodations requests for caregiver situations

  • Parking for a house-sitter while a resident is away

  • A resident who is temporarily using a rental car

Revoke or Update/Edit a Special Permit

Parking Boss does not allow users with Manager or Field Agent access to revoke or cancel a Special Permit as a safety/security precaution. Why? Parking Boss wants to protect Managers from claims of "you revoked this on me and that's why I got towed."

How is a Printed Pass different from a Special Permit?

Printed Passes are great for groups of visitors as they aren’t related to a specific vehicle. If there will be multiple visitors at a specific date and time, a printed pass is most convenient. Printed Passes also have built-in barcodes for easy validation by patrol. Rather than create a Special Permit for each guest vehicle, you can generate one Printed Pass. Set the date, parking time, who the guests are visiting, and the reason or event.

When should I use a Printed Pass?

Use Printed Passes for:

  • Contractors or vendors performing work at the community

  • A group of people visiting the community for training or a meeting

  • A special event at the Cabana, like a Birthday Party or Superbowl Party.

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