Can I Charge for Guest Parking?

Can I charge a resident for the parking time used by their guests? Can I charge for Guest Parking?

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Parking Boss can facilitate payment for guest parking or violations. If you would like more information about this feature please reach out to us.

It is easy to use the built-in reporting on a regular basis to assess guest parking fees to resident ledgers based on the time used.

To locate the data needed to bill a resident for guest parking usage review the following reports:
Guest Parking Usage by Apartment/Condo
Guest Parking Details

NOTE: Before billing residents for the parking time used by their guests consult your supervisor and/or the legal representation for your company/community. Additionally, please review any applicable statutes.

Check out our blog post about generating revenue through guest parking. 

If you are unable to find the information you need - let us know by chatting with us, emailing us, or calling us - 866.387.PARK or 866.387.7275.

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