Question: What is the best way to assign Smart Decals to people who park in our lot, like employees or tenants of commercial businesses?

There are several ways to assign Smart Decals to non-residents...

Create an Office, Commercial, Retail unit in the drop down list of apartment home numbers that populate the Apartment field when assigning Smart Decals.  
NOTE: The additional units that can be added will be visible to those using Virtual Attendant to register for guest parking.  If you would like any of these options added to your Parking Boss account please let us know - [email protected]

The easiest way is to leave the Apartment field empty when registering the Smart Decal and in the Notes field, add the designation that works best for your
community like employee, commercial, retail, etc.

For an additional fee, Parking Boss can create custom Smart Decals for employees or tenants of commercial businesses.  Reach out to us at [email protected] if you would like custom Smart Decals.

Special Permits or Printed Passes may also be an option - read more about them here:

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