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Identify Future Space Availability
Identify Future Space Availability

Use the Smart Map to identify future space availability

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Future Space Availability

If you enter a resident's move-out date in your Parking Boss account as the Resident Parking Permit end date, the space will indicate future availability after that date.

How to assign move-out dates and lease expirations

  • When you login to your Parking Boss account, select the Smart Parking Map.

  • Type to search in the Lookup field (Vehicle, Smart Decal, Apartment, or Parking Space), use the filters, or click on the parking space or unit to find the desired Resident Parking Permit.

  • Hover over Options and then select Edit on the Resident Parking Permit card.

  • The Resident Parking Permit card will expand. Select the calendar icon next to End, then select the desired date for the resident's move-out or lease expiration. Select Update to save the change.

You can now look at the Smart Map from a future date and see that the resident's assigned space will be available after the selected End date. The space's future availability will be indicated in green.

Note: If you use the Permits Ending filter, all spaces with upcoming decal expirations will be highlighted in Purple.

If you're interested in learning about integrating your property management software with your Parking Boss account, please reach out to your Community Boss representative, or email us at [email protected].

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