NOTE: This feature will only work if the assigned, numbered, or reserved parking space information was imported into the Parking Boss account at set-up. For more information on this, please send us a help request.

With a new Smart Decal, from within your Parking Boss account go to:

  1. Smart Decals (left hand side menu)

  2. Assign Smart Decal (right hand side menu)

  3. Complete the fields with the information required, including one of the assigned parking spaces where the vehicle may park, and assign the Smart Decal

  4. Review the newly assigned Smart Decal information for accuracy

  5. Select the option: Duplicate

  6. Update the record with the information required and 2nd assigned parking space where the vehicle may park and assign the Smart Decal

  7. The Smart Decal will now display as assigned to each of parking spaces you assigned

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