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How to Use Set Times
How to Use Set Times

In Amenity Manager, use Set Times to create full-day or multiple-day reservations for amenities like hotel-style guest suites.

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In Amenity Manager, you can use Set Times to allow for reservations that can last multiple days at a time. If you have a guest suite available for residents to rent, choose multi-day date ranges and check-in/check-out times for residents to reserve the space! Set Times could also be useful for single-day special events.


  • In Amenity Manager, go to the Amenities tab and click "Edit".

  • Under Pass Settings, go to 'Time Per Pass'.

  • Under 'Type' select "set times".

  • Select the start time (check-in time) and end time (check-out time).

'Min Stay' will allow you to select the minimum number of days a pass can be made, and 'Max Stay' will allow you to select the maximum number of days a pass can be made.

Under 'In Advance' you can select how far out residents are able to reserve. We recommend making this at least as long as the max stay. If you reach out to your customer success manager, they can also require passes to be made a certain amount of time in advance.

'In Progress' allows you to choose if a resident can reserve for the current time slot. If you require them to reserve a certain amount of days in advance, this will automatically not allow them.

NOTE: The 'Max Stay' can extend out to one year. Please reach out to [email protected] if you need a longer Max Stay window.

TIP: If you want to limit reservations to one night, be sure to make the end time earlier than the start time (i.e. start time: 4pm, end time: 12pm).

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