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How to Utilize Amenity Boss
How to Utilize Amenity Boss

There are many ways Amenity Boss can help you utilize your amenities in and out of COVID-19 restrictions.

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Amenity Boss is a software tool that allows you to maximize amenity usage and participation in and out of Covid-19 restrictions. Amenity Boss is flexible and easy to update. Community teams can adjust in real-time to the changing restrictions as we move through the various re-opening stages while we recover from the pandemic. Covid-19 restrictions may be lifted in your area but there are lots of benefits to keeping Amenity Boss for the community.

1. Reserve Passes in Advance

Your residents may have to fight for spots during the busier hours of the day. Instead of showing up to a packed gym where no piece of equipment is guaranteed, your residents can reserve their space ahead of time. Being able to reserve passes in advance can also be helpful for those who have a limited amount of time in their day to use the amenities. This way residents can ensure their spot and plan their days accordingly. If you hear that a certain resident or household is always using an amenity making it unfair for other residents to access, you can review data to determine if there is a need to make access more equitable.

2. Utilize Data

Amenity Boss reports provide insight into how and when your residents use the amenities. This can help you plan cleaning times, open and closed schedules, etc. For example, knowing how frequently gym equipment is utilized can help you pick the ideal maintenance plan.

3. Sync Daily Schedules and Easily Close Amenities

Automatically close down your amenities for daily cleanings and other activities. Use special closures to shut down an amenity for parties, events, and holidays, making sure residents know of it beforehand. Special closures will also automatically close and reopen your amenities for you!

Also, instead of relying on your residents to check their email or pay attention to signs noting closures, using the Pass Required setting will let residents know of closures. The ‘Closed 24/7’ status will make residents unable to make a pass and make sure they see it marked as closed.

4. Ensure residents are getting fair usage of amenities

If any of your amenities are in high demand, residents may end up not getting a fair amount of time to utilize them. With daily, weekly, and monthly limits, you can guarantee that all of your residents have an equal opportunity to use the amenities.

5. Helpful Customer Success and Training

Amenity Boss’ customer success team is always happy to answer any questions and help resolve any issues. We can also provide useful insight and advice when communities are initially setting up their amenities. By joining a training and reaching out to our team with your questions you can quickly become a BOSS at Amenity Boss!

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