There are many reasons you may not want to provide your guest with your Passcode. If that's the case follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Virtual Attendant, guest parking registration URL for your community. It's usually the You can search for your community here:

  2. Select the "Preauthorize" option.

  3. Input your apartment number, condo number or full address. Then input your 4 digit Passcode.

  4. The registration link will be active for your guest for the length of time you suggest. Then select Continue.

  5. Select Continue to Register Vehicle to complete the registration process on behalf of your guest. If you do not have your guest's vehicle information COPY the private registration link and text or email it to your guest.

  6. Once the guest receives the private registration link they will be able to register their vehicle.

If you have forgotten your Passcode you will need to reach out the community's management for your Passcode. Parking Boss is unable to provide Passcode details.

For help call 866.387.7275, chat with us, or email us - [email protected] 

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