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How to edit or duplicate a Smart Decal
How to edit or duplicate a Smart Decal

How to edit and duplicate a Smart Decal + reasons why you may need to.

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Steps to edit a Smart Decal:

  1. When signed into Parking Manager, select Smart Decals on the left-hand side (OR search the LPN assigned to the decal you want to edit).

  2. Locate the decal you want to edit and select "Edit" (found on the right side of the screen).

  3. This will open up all the Smart Decal information with editing capabilities - change the information you need to update and select "Update Smart Decal"

Why might you need to edit a Smart Decal?

  • resident changes parking spaces

  • information was forgotten when the decal got registered

  • resident information has changed (phone number, email, unit number)

  • in a roommate/partner situation, decal could have been attached to the wrong vehicle

Steps to duplicate a Smart Decal:

  1. Follow steps one and two from above, and select "Duplicate".

  2. From there, you can change any information if needed and select "Assign Smart Decal" - typically you will be adding the 2nd parking space assignment.

Why might you need to duplicate a smart decal?

  • In a roommate/partner situation where they share parking spaces, it gives them the ability to park in either space on a first come, first serve basis. 

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