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Recording Violations

Using Field Agent to issue a violation in Parking Boss

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How to Record a Violation

  1. Choose (or search) the license plate number for the car violating parking policies.

  2. Select Record Violation.

  3. Select the reason the vehicle is in violation.

  4. Add notes (the person receiving the violation can see these notes).

  5. Attach any images (up to 5) BEST PRACTICE - Always add images for cars being towed when they are parked in a fire lane or any other space otherwise designated for special use, like a handicapped parking space.  Always include a picture of the license plate. Ensure that the photos are clear and show that the vehicle is in violation, including any applicable signage.

  6. Add the Parking Boss Warning sticker number (optional) - see here

  7. Select RECORD VIOLATION button to save.

  8. Place the Parking Boss Warning sticker or other citation on the vehicle.  BEST PRACTICE - Place the paper citations under the driver's side windshield wiper. Place sticker citations on the driver's side window, not blocking the side-view mirror or in any location that could obstruct the view of a driver (see below).

If you accidentally issue a violation to the wrong vehicle, provide the details to the Community Manager or other Parking Boss account Manager and they can remove the violation from the vehicle's history.

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