Limits by Unit Size

For communities that have various unit sizes, we offer the ability to set custom weekly, daily, and monthly limits.

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The ability to set custom daily, weekly, and monthly limits allows managers to limit by unit (i.e apartment, condo, home) size. While unit size is the most common reason for needing custom limits, you can make these adjustments to units for any reason. For example, maybe you want to give your 2-bedroom units more time at the fitness center than the studio's since they are likely to have more people living there.

To enable custom limits, please reach out through the help chat or email [email protected]. We will need to enable this setting for you.

Below are the instructions on how to use custom limits after the setting is enabled:

Once the custom limits are enabled, you will be able to select units from the drop-down 'Apartment' under Per Apartment Limits (this wording will depend on how your units are labeled).

First, under General Rules decide if you want the limit to be 'by total time' or 'by group'. The 'by group' setting will allow residents to share their time at the amenity if they sign up for the same time period.

Next, go to Per Apartment Limits. You will first want to set your default limits that will apply to all units that do not have custom limits in place. If you are setting limits by unit size, this can be the base. For example, if one-bedrooms get 1 hour at the gym a week I can set that as the base. Now I won't have to manually input custom limits for any one-bedroom units.

Once the base limit is set, select a unit in the first drop down where it says 'default limits'. Choose the unit you wish to set custom limits for and enter those into the fields below. If your rules are by total time, you can ignore the 'by group' setting. For example, I could enter 2-hour limits for all my 2-bedroom units, allowing them more time than my one-bedroom units.

For now, all custom limits have to be set individually. We hope to one day allow multiple to be set at once.

Please reach out if you would like to discuss how this could work at your community! Our customer success managers are happy to help set your custom limits for you as well as teach you how to set them.

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