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Regaining Access To Your Community Boss Account
Regaining Access To Your Community Boss Account

Refer to these steps if you are locked-out, or unable to access your Community Boss login.

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If you have lost access to your account, or are unable to login, please follow these steps.

If you are the managing user on the account

You have the ability to add and remove users. If someone on your team has lost access, you can add their email address with these steps:

  • Login to your Community Boss account

  • On the Team tab, add the user's email address under the appropriate column

    • Full Access or

    • Enforcement Only Access

  • Enter the email address and select Grant Access

If you are not the managing user on the account

Contact the managing user and ask them to add you to the team with the above steps.

Note: Invitation emails for login are valid for 24 hours. If a user has been sent the invitation email and does not click the link within 24 hours, they will need to be removed and re-added.

If the managing user cannot be contacted, or they have lost access

The new managing user should receive a welcome & setup email from Community Boss when management / ownership changes. If this has not happened, please reach out to us directly for assistance at [email protected].

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