In this quick video, Jennifer explains how to use your Smart Map to identify which spaces will come available in the near future. 

By assigning lease expirations to spaces, Smart Map can indicate future space availability for future residents. 

  • Spaces in red are assigned. Spaces in green are available. 

  • When a resident gives their notice, if you enter their move-out date in your Parking Boss account as the Smart Decal expiration date, the space will indicate availability after that date.

How to assign move-out dates and lease-expirations:

  • When you log in to your Parking Boss account, select the Space Map view.

  • Select the magnifying glass to search.

  • Choose from Vehicle, Smart Decal, Apartment, or Parking Space. 

  • If a resident has given notice, click Apartment and enter their apartment number.

  • Select edit.

  • Below the Smart Decal number, a dropdown box will say Active until revoked.

  • Select the dropdown, then select Active through date...

  • Select the resident's move-out date.

  • Select Update Smart Decal.

You can now look at the Smart Map from a future date and see that the resident's assigned space will be available after the selected "active through" date. The space's future availability will be indicated in green. 

This gives you the ability to add a not to reserve the space for a future move-in, with confidence the space will be available. 

If you're interested in learning about integrating your property management software with your Parking Boss account, please reach out to your Parking Boss representative. You can also email us at [email protected] 

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