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Using Smart Warning Stickers
Using Smart Warning Stickers

A quick and professional way to record a violation and warn a vehicle owner

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Smart Warning Stickers

Smart Warning stickers link a violation to a physical sticker. Simply enter the unique 7-digit warning when recording the violation. This allows the vehicle owner to look up the details of their violation (even the photos) when they return to their vehicle.

Smart Warning stickers are optional and violations may still be recorded without them.


Smart Warning stickers are designed to be sticky to adhere securely to glass. They will cause no damage when applied to a window, or tucked under a wiper blade without the adhesive backing being exposed.

We recommend white vinegar, isopropyl alcohol, or an adhesive-removal chemical along with a rag and/or non-marring scraper to remove any residue left behind. Always exercise care when using any chemical near plastic or paint on a vehicle.

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